China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology & Zhongmin Changqing Signing Ceremony of the MoU on “Double Carbon” Collaboration


Europe is the pioneer of carbon market construction. It has gone through four stages of development and is currently the world’s largest regional carbon market, while China is

still in the exploratory stage in this field, and there is still a lot of room for development. The two sides will cooperate to introduce the “carbon footprint” and “carbon label” standards of mature European industries, jointly explore the implementation path of mutual recognition of carbon labels with the EU, and work hard to promote a mutually beneficial carbon tariff mechanism between China and Europe as soon as possible.


On October 27th 2022, China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. (CNEUCN) and Zhongminchangqing Low Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. (ZMCQ) jointly signed the  Memorandum of Understanding on “Double Carbon” Strategic Cooperation to carry out in-depth cooperation around carbon emission reduction strategies and technology, carbon labeling mutual recognition and carbon talent training.


At this stage, all walks of life have full expectations of carbon reduction and energy conservation technologies. This is not only in line with the actual needs of China’s gradual exploration and implementation of the “double carbon” goal, but also enjoys special government support. At the same time, the cooperation and exchange of carbon reduction strategies and technologies can also accelerate the development and upgrading of related industries in China.


Efforts to cultivate high-quality dual-carbon talents is a strong guarantee for the realization of the “dual-carbon goal”. The two parties will explore and cooperate in the cultivation of carbon-neutral talents by integrating domestic and foreign high-quality curriculum resources.

中民常青低碳科技有限公司成立于 2018 年,位于四川省成都市高新区,是一家专注于低碳环保的创新型企业。中民常青业务涵盖五大版块:碳足迹和碳标签、碳中和、碳资产开发、低碳咨询与培训、脱碳万家平台运管。


Zhongmin Changqing Low Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. (ZMCQ) founded in 2018, located in Chengdu High-tech Zone, Sichuan Province. It is an innovative enterprise focusing on low carbon and environmental protection. Zhongmin Changqing (ZMCQ) business covers five major sectors: carbon footprint and carbon labeling, carbon neutrality, carbon credit development, low-carbon consulting and training, and “DeCarbon+” platform operation and management.

Zhongmin Changqing (ZMCQ) is a member of the preparatory committee for the establishment of China-Japan-Korea carbon label mutual recognition standards, a director unit of China Carbon Label Industry Alliance, a low-carbon industry promotion unit for SMEs of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, a comprehensive member unit of Tianjin Carbon Emissions Exchange, Sichuan United Environment Exchange Brokerage Member Unit, Chengdu One Belt One Road export product carbon label formulation governing unit. It is one the few professional companies in China that can provide carbon-neutral full-chain services.


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仲欧脱碳科技 有限公司该平台将发挥积极和创新的作用,为实现碳中和所需的构想、塑造、设计和实现转型提供服务。

China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology aims to support and substantially contribute to China’s path towards carbon neutrality in a holistic and inclusive way by gathering all the stakeholders and creating solutions for each challenge.

China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology will play an active and innovative role in providing services to conceive, shape, design and accomplish the transitions needed to achieve carbon neutrality.