Massimo Bagnasco - CEO

With previous professional experience in several European and Central American countries, he has been based in China since 2004, with a permanent resident permit, operating in the field of integrated and sustainable urban development.

He was the European expert, in charge of urbanization topic, in the Taskforce appointed by EU Commission DG-RTD and Chinese MoST, to provide advisory about EU-China Innovation Cooperation Dialogue framework conditions & cooperation mechanisms.

Member of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) Executive Committee since 2014.
Vice President of EUCCC since 2017. Chairman of EUCCC South West China chapter since 2021.

Knighthood of the Order of the Star by appointment of President of the Italian Republic.

Partner and Managing Director of Progetto CMR (Beijing) Architectural Design Consultants.

He supported the Italian Embassy in China for the drafting, implementation and dissemination of “Urbanization Cooperation Framework.”

In 2017, he was appointed as visiting professor in the School of Architecture and Design at Beijing Jiaotong University.

In 2019, he was appointed as a member of the advisory committee of the International Centre for Creativity and Sustainable Development Under the Auspices of UNESCO (Category 2).

In 2021, he was appointed as a member of the advisory board of Politecnico of Turin University “China Centre.”

He holds a bachelor degree in architecture and a master in urban planning.

Among the international cooperation where he was involved in:

• 2017 HORIZON 2020 Innovation Platform on Sustainable Urbanization – URBAN-EU-CHINA Consortium – Expert Advisory Board Member

• 2015 EU-China Innovation Cooperation Task Force – EU Expert member in charge of Urbanization topic

• 2014 – UrbaChina – Stakeholder Committee member – the project funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program

• 2013 Europe-China Eco-Cities Link (EC-Link) – Coordinator of Consortium partner

• 2013 EU-China Urbanization Leadership Program – Expert, project coordinated by DG Energy Chinese Academy of Governance (CAG)

Scientific Committee

Members of the Scientific Committee represent major scientific disciplines for decarbonization related sectors.
The Scientific Committee is responsible for the supervision and advisory of the China Europe Carbon Neutral knowledge based activities. 

The Committee provides a forum for sharing, experience, knowledge and give constructive guidelines to policy makers and stakeholders.
The Scientific Committee generally intends to further enhance the links and cooperation between China and European initiatives, already with presence in China and not, granting the possibility to these initiatives to be effectively influential. More specifically, the Scientific Committee aims to facilitate the design and implementation of joint services between entities China and Europe, to enhance the synergies among existing activities and initiative and to expand the support offered to government, academia, R&D organizations and industry, in the Chinese market.

The Chair and members of the Scientific Committee are appointed by the Company Board based on their scientific expertise.

Experts Advisory Board

The Experts’ Advisory Board includes key Chinese and foreign experts in several disciplines. It provides technical advice and guidance to our mission to keep us up to date and with the widest contribution by worldwide experts. Each of them also substantially contribute to our activities and consultancies based on their specific experiences. In this way, China Europe Carbon Neutral Sustainable Urban Development, can provide a unique tailor made service done by the best professionals and scholars from each sector. Network with key stakeholders to share and promote carbon neutrality solution that contributes to informed, reliable and science-based implementations.

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