our clients

our clients

We work for central government, province-city government, real estate investors and developers, and entities.

Advocacy activity

  • In order to achieve the peak of Carbon dioxide emissions, different regions in China must take the lead in reaching it. We promote differentiated meanwhile coordinated development emission reduction measures to ensure that the overall national goals are met. At this time, the publicity work is particularly important, and the platform will do a good job in the central government’s publicity work for the society.
  • Our integrated activities contribute to increase the awareness and understanding of the carbon neutrality target and its implication in various aspects of our society.
  • Set up a carbon neutrality industry think tank to provide strategic advisory and technical support to policy making bodies.

Professional consulting services

  • Provide tailor made solutions to implement the local governments’ plans and key measures to achieve carbon peak then carbon neutrality for new urban district planning, regeneration of existing areas, development of rural towns.
  • Set up specific systems, for each different location, accelerate the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development.
  • Transfer research findings and best practice into reference for local government decision-makers.

Integrated carbon neutral solution for master planning and urban regeneration

  • Dedicated research think tank to provide low carbon proposals.
  • Market-based business models for green financing in real estate project development, buildings and supporting infrastructure.
  • Setting up of economic and development strategy to form traditional and new industry clusters.
  • Provide access to our exclusive carbon neutral technology/experts/resource bank to guarantee the project feasibility and deployment.
  • Provide solutions to companies and final users which need to improve their carbon footprint and energy efficiency.
  • Act as a platform for exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, boosting effective cooperation and win-win results between industries.
  • Consulting services to facilitate matchmaking with suppliers companies and relevant equipment procurement.