European Union Chamber of Commerce in China Released its 2023 Business Confidence Survey (BCS)



European Union Chamber of Commerce in China released its 2023 Business Confidence Survey (BCS) last June 21st. Over the last 20 years the BCS collected the mood and the expectations of EUCCC members providing a comprehensive picture of the business community feeling.




Since China ended its ‘zero-COVID’ strategy, Chinese officials have been on a very active in an attempt to restore the country’s allure as an investment destination.

However, more will need to be done if China is to successfully reverse the deterioration of business sentiment that has taken place over the past three years.

Some EUCCC members have already begun shifting investments overseas and faced with growing risks and a more volatile operating environment, many have adjusted their investment and operational strategies



A section of the survey was focus on the China’s national strategy called “dual carbon goal” aims to reach carbon peak by 20230 and complete carbon neutrality by 2060. 

We have seen that many EUCCC members have even shorter deadline for carbon neutrality based on their worldwide target.

Meanwhile among the companies’ main needs, from the Chinese Government, in order to realize their decarbonization/carbon neutrality goals, there are: 


ABB is committed to contributing to the achievement of carbon neutrality through innovative technologies and sustainable solutions. The company’s carbon neutrality strategy includes the following key areas.


Achieving carbon neutrality targets is an imperative for the companies and, as was straightly expressed by several members, if they don’t have proper tool and infrastructure offered, then they will be forced to move to other location.


All the industries and major companies have to respect carbon emission target at global scale. It means that they will be looking for location, to set up or relocated their operational and production plants, which can provide “clean energy” and suitable infrastructures to be able to calculate and control their greenhouses gasses emissions. Then the innovative way to attract investments and to avoid to lose the present companies, will be to provide them location with such characteristics.


CNEUCN, by the contribution of its Scientific Committee (ScC), made by a selected group of top experts (from the academia, organizations and former officials) and the Experts’ Advisory Board, which includes representatives of CNEUCN industry’s partners, will provide innovative solution, technical tools and cutting-edge equipment to facilitate the transition towards carbon neutrality.


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仲欧脱碳科技 有限公司该平台将发挥积极和创新的作用,为实现碳中和所需的构想、塑造、设计和实现转型提供服务。

China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology aims to support and substantially contribute to China’s path towards carbon neutrality in a holistic and inclusive way by gathering all the stakeholders and creating solutions for each challenge.

China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology will play an active and innovative role in providing services to conceive, shape, design and accomplish the transitions needed to achieve carbon neutrality.