China Europe Carbon Neutral (CNEUCN)and Slow Food Strategic partner jointly visited the Yonghe Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Chuanshan District, Suining City




On November 15th, China Europe Carbon Neutral together with its strategic partner, Slow Food Greater China, represented by Secretary General Mr.Sun Qun, visited to Yonghe Morden Agricultural Industrial Park in Chuanshan District, Suining, Sichuan.

The site visit aimed to see the project achievements and learn about next development stage aligned with sustainable development and rural revitalization principles.
It was a fundamental step ahead in the dialogue between Suining city and CNEUCN with the aim to establish a long-term strategic relationship and vigorously develop a cooperation starting from Yonghe Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Chuanshan District, the energy natural resources and a pilot carbon neutral area. 


Yonghe Homeland (formerly Yonghe Modern Agricultural Park in Chuanshan District) started construction in 2014, with a total planned area of 160 square kilometers, covering three townships of Yongxing Town, Hesha Town and Renli Town. The planned area of the core area of  the park is 27 square kilometers. Relying on geographical conditions and transportation advantages, an overall layout of “one ring, three districts, and eight major groups” has been formed.


In recent years, Chuanshan District has implemented the strategy of rural revitalization in depth, benchmarking the “three majors”, “five modernizations” and “six products” (leading, focusing, and promoting, land landscape, rural pastoral, courtyard fruit and vegetable, industrial characteristics, urban and rural Integration, excellent varieties, good taste, beautiful appearance, good quality, complete varieties, and famous brand) ideas, adhere to the concept of “agricultural background, rural flavor, and natural colors of mountains and rivers”, and follow the principle of “building the core in one year and achieving results in two years In the sequence of “becoming a benchmark in three years”, vigorously promote the construction of Yonghe Homeland, strive to create demonstrations of farmland protection, industrial development, collective economy, living environment, and party building, and actively strive to create counties with remarkable results in rural revitalization in the province.


The park takes “a pioneering area for the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism, and an urban pastoral complex” as the overall orientation, and is dominated by grain, oil, economics and fruits, and characteristic aquatic products. It plans “three districts, one ring, and eight major groups” around the theme of 318, and vigorously develops rural tourism. It plans to invest 500 million yuan in industries such as homestay, health care, research and practice, and build a series of major projects covering infrastructure, new village construction, environmental improvement, homestay settlements, and industrial development. In the first half of this year, a total of 47 key projects were implemented, with an investment of 2.4 billion.

Among them, the ancient village of Kegengshanju with an investment of 100 million yuan and the comprehensive practice base for teenagers with an investment of 150 million yuan will be presented before the end of the year. Construction is being accelerated. Projects such as C234 Beautiful Countryside Tourist Road, Huangjiawan New Village’s “Fruit and Vegetable Courtyard” upgrade, and Phoenix Lake boutique courtyard construction have been basically completed.


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