China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology & SPSI Cloud Port jointly signed the “Dual Carbon Strategic Cooperation Memorandum”


Recently, China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. (CNEUCN) and Sichuan Lu Hai Yun Gang Development Group Co., Ltd. (SPSI Cloud Port) jointly signed the “Double Carbon Strategic Cooperation Memorandum” to carry out special cooperation around carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in logistics, transportation, and warehousing business.


At this stage, all walks of life have full expectations of carbon reduction and energy conservation technologies. This is not only in line with the actual needs of China’s gradual exploration and implementation of the “double carbon” goal, but also enjoys special government support. At the same time, the cooperation and exchange of carbon reduction strategies and technologies can also accelerate the development and upgrading of related industries in China.



SPSI Cloud Port Development Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SPSI Cloud Port”) is the important carrier of Sichuan Port and Shipping Investment Group to serve the development of Sichuan export-oriented economy and the “export of local products from Sichuan and China”, build an international platform of logistics and trade supply chains, develop a cross-border logistics and trade service base, create a comprehensive logistics and trade ecosystem, and construct a west China logistics big data center in Sichuan. The Company is committed to building a comprehensive logistics service system integrating online and offline trade, a large logistics industry ecosystem and a supply chain value creation platform. At present, the Company has a registered capital of RMB 900 million and total assets of nearly RMB 3 billion.

Around the opening-up and development strategy and the functional positioning, the Company has invested, newly set up, merged and acquired at least 10 financial enterprises in the fields of logistics, science & technology, and supply chain, including two national high-tech enterprises and two Sino-foreign joint ventures. The Company is currently operating more than 20 companies with nearly 300 staff members. It has realized the layout of business investment or establishment in over 10 border and coastal areas in China, such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Qingdao, Lhasa, and Zhoushan. Six types of affiliates in which the Company holds majority shares, namely logistics, supply chain, commerce & trade, industrial services, similar financial pattern, and technology, have gradually built up an effectively synergetic cross-border logistics and trade industry ecosystem, the development model of which has been widely recognized by the industry and all sectors of society. The efficiency of serving the “export of local products from Sichuan and China” and the province’s opening-up and development strategy has been improved year by year.


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仲欧脱碳科技 有限公司该平台将发挥积极和创新的作用,为实现碳中和所需的构想、塑造、设计和实现转型提供服务。

China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology aims to support and substantially contribute to China’s path towards carbon neutrality in a holistic and inclusive way by gathering all the stakeholders and creating solutions for each challenge.

China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology will play an active and innovative role in providing services to conceive, shape, design and accomplish the transitions needed to achieve carbon neutrality.