Higher Efficiency and Lower Carbon Emission with Akila RBAC

关于Akila RBAC

About Akila RBAC

RBAC(Role-Based Access Control)是一种广泛应用于许多软件和系统的访问控制机制,它可以帮助管理和控制用户对系统资源的访问权限。埃顿集团旗下的Akila公司,依托其开发的数字孪生系统,能够通过Akila RBAC让企业能够更为高效、精准、全面地对不同员工账户进行权限和资源的分配管理,提升企业的运转效率,从而促进企业减少碳排放的努力。

RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) is an access control mechanism widely used in many software and systems to help manage and control user access to system resources. Relying on the digital twin system developed by Akila, an ADEN Group company, Akila RBAC enables organizations to manage the allocation of privileges and resources to different employee accounts more efficiently, accurately, and comprehensively, thus improving the operational efficiency of the organization and contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. 

Akila RBAC的优势所在

Wy Akila RBAC


Secure Systems and Data

Akila RBAC通过限制员工只能访问其工作领域的资源,可以防止因粗心或恶意而删除、泄露、破坏数据或系统规格等情况发生,保护数据、系统和资产的安全。

Akila RBAC protects data, systems, and assets by restricting employee access to only the resources in their area of work, which prevents the deletion, leakage, or destruction of data or system specifications due to carelessness or malice.


Protecting Key Information


In role-based access control, a user’s position in the company or organization determines their access rights to the Akila system. For example, only senior-level executives can access highly sensitive company or organization information and resources. It protects the security of your company’s or organization’s information.


Increase Productivity

Akila拥有一系列强大功能的核心模块和Akila套件(Akila SUITES)。Akila RBAC通过限制员工只能访问其工作领域的资源,能够帮助其更好地专注于自己工作领域的功能,而不会在庞大的Akila平台中迷失,为用户带来更高效、简单的操作体验。

Akila has a powerful set of core modules and Akila SUITES. Akila RBAC helps employees better focus on their work area functions by limiting their access to only those resources that are in their work area, rather than getting lost in the vast Akila platform, making for a more efficient and simpler operating experience for users.

通过Akila RBAC实现企业减少碳排

Reducing Carbon Emissions with Akila RBAC



The digital twin platform developed by Akila, a subsidiary of Aden Group, can centralize the energy usage, waste generation, and other ESG-related reports involved in a company to the decision-makers, which can enable companies to be more efficient in their operational aspects.

Meanwhile, ADEN Group has also entered into a strategic partnership with China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology (CNEUCN), who can provide integrated carbon emission-related consulting services to enterprises, expanding clients’ carbon reduction and decarbonization plan from Scope 1 only, to Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions. This cooperation between Aden and CNEUCN will be able to help enterprises getting ready for the incoming carbon tariffs from any countries or regions in the world. 

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仲欧脱碳科技 有限公司该平台将发挥积极和创新的作用,为实现碳中和所需的构想、塑造、设计和实现转型提供服务。

China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology aims to support and substantially contribute to China and Europe path towards carbon neutrality in a holistic and inclusive way by gathering all the stakeholders and creating solutions for each challenge.

China Europe Carbon Neutral Technology will play an active and innovative role in providing services to conceive, shape, design and accomplish the transitions needed to achieve carbon neutrality.