Turin Politecnico University UNITE!:Future-proof network

UNITE! 是欧洲最早的17个大学联盟之一,它汇聚了9所大学,将欧洲地区的经济前景及创业和创新项目融于一体,通过Erasmus+试点项目为欧洲高等教育注入全新活力,并联合合作伙伴制定共同的研究和创新计划,以应对全球挑战,同时产生国际影响。

UNITE! is one of the first 17 university alliances in Europe, bringing together 9 universities, integrating the economic prospects of the European region and entrepreneurship and innovation projects, injecting new vitality into European higher education through the Erasmus+ pilot project, and joint cooperation Partners develop joint research and innovation programs to address global challenges while having an international impact.

都灵理工大学展望未来,于2019年加入UNITE! 联盟,期待通过网络打造强大的协同效应,成为一所面向未来的国际性学府,跻身创新、技术与工程领域的最前沿,有助于年轻一代更好地面对未来的挑战。

Turin Politecnico University  looks to the future and joins the UNITE! alliance in 2019, looking forward to creating strong synergies through the network, becoming a future-oriented international institution, at the forefront of innovation, technology and engineering, and helping the younger generation Better to face future challenges.


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